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Refrigerated Technologies can supply and install domestic cooling solutions for any situation. Our experienced technicians can advise on the most effective type of air-conditioning to your particular situation.

Wall Mounted Split Systems:
Wall mounted split systems are the most popular way to air-condition your home. Split systems are a great affordable way to air-condition small spaces or single rooms. As the systems are a complete single unit you have the option of air-conditioning rooms separately, when suits your budget, and economically cooling individual rooms at a time.

Ducted Systems:
In the Whitsundays, the ideal solution to cooling and heating your home is by installing ducted air-conditioning. There a numerous benefits to ducted air-conditioning:
 - With up to 6 separate zones allowing air-conditioning to suit your lifestyle. Providing air-conditioning to your entire home or a single room.
 - All controlled by a single fingertip control point in your home. Allowing you to control the zones, temperature and timers.
 - The style will not interfere with your interior design of your home with various ducted styles to blend into each room.
 - Whisper quiet air-conditioning providing low noise cooling and comfort.
Ducted air-conditioning is simply the best way to air-condition your whole home!

Multi Head System
In some homes, units and apartments, installation of ducted air-conditioning is not possible due to the structure of the building. Multi Head Systems give you an air-conditioning solution similar to ducted, without the need for ceiling ductwork. Multi Head Systems allow multiple indoor systems in a combination of wall mounted, under ceiling, cassette and ducted components to be connected and run from a single outdoor unit.
Multi Head Split systems give the flexibility to suit a wide range of building styles.



We understand that it can be frustrating if your air conditioning breaks down, but you can rely on us to get it back up and running fast, with a minimum of fuss. Just call us, and our friendly service team will arrange for a service visit and if it’s urgent, we will do our best to get to you fast. Our technician will inspect the system, report on any concerns and provide a clear quotation for any repairs. Subject to your approval, most repairs are carried out as soon as parts are available and the air conditioner is back up and running better than ever.
- Service visit at a time suitable to you.
- We will arrive when promised, we won’t keep you waiting.
- Clear and straightforward service rates, no hidden fees.
- Competent repairs by trained technicians.
- Work site left clean and tidy.



Like a car, an air conditioner that is regularly maintained will run better and last longer. A poorly maintained air conditioner will be inefficient, use more energy and be prone to breakdown more often. It could also be dirty and unhealthy. Regular maintenance gives you the confidence of knowing that your air conditioner can be relied upon, that it will work at its optimum capacity at those times when you need it most.
In the case of residential air conditioners, we recommend that maintenance be carried out once a year, typically before summer. Considering the our climate, this is generally sufficient to ensure that the equipment is well looked after, and to satisfy the manufacturer’s warranty conditions.
The cost of maintenance varies depending on the type and size of your air conditioning equipment, but it is not very expensive. Not only is it important to the life of the air conditioner, not to mention the cleanliness and health of your home, but it also pays for itself by catching small defects before they have the opportunity to turn into major problems.

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