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Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration:

Refrigerated Technologies provide installation, service and repair services for all cooling and freezing systems designed for consumer products.

  - Coldrooms, Freezer Rooms, Walk-in Cool Rooms
  - Upright and Display Refrigeration Cabinets
  - Under counter refrigerators
  - Alcohol glycol systems
  - Beverage Systems

Farming Refrigeration:

With Refrigerated Technologies being located in the heart of the agriculture region we provide specialised services to numerous vegetable farms throughout the Whitsunday Region. We have a vast knowledge on refrigeration requirements and can provide energy efficent options for your refrigeration requirements.

Energy Efficient refrigeration systems can result in significant savings, Refrigerated Technologies can assist you in accomplishing this by:

 - Hydro-chillers: Pre-cooling produce with cold water before putting it into refrigerated rooms.
 - Improving insulation of the refrigerated coldroom storage area.
 - Reducing cool air escaping through doors, cracks and openings.
 - Maintenance and servicing of refrigeration equipment.
 - Install energy efficient compressors, refrigeration equipment, etc.
 - Detection and prevention of refrigerant leaks.

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